Once taxi driver and passenger agree on the route, the service radiotaxi is completed, except for some assistance in case of eventual inconvenience (delays or hindrance caused by accident, flat tire or anything else; absence of the client; tracking of the client who forgot objects in the vehicle).



From this moment the taxi service initiates. Indeed according the law the taxi transport of persons and luggage is a competence and responsibility of every single taxi driver, who is in possession of a license. This is valid not only when the client books the taxi but also when the client gets in the vehicle on one of the taxi park places. Radiotaxi Trieste is not a carrier nor charterer, neither by itself nor on behalf of a third part, is not employer, is not customer.


Radiotaxi is not responsible for the taxi driver’s attitude during his/her working hours. This does not mean that Radiotaxi does not care about the behavior of the proper participants, who should act according the inner norms that are constantly verified by the disciplinary commission. Furthermore according the law the taxi driver has also a disciplinary responsibility, besides the civil and penal responsibility. The law commits its relevant authority to the municipality that released the taxi license not to the radiotaxi community.

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