Our charges


Kilometer Charge according taximeter
First charge valid for the first 83,3 meters: € 3,50
Every further 83,3 meters: € 0,10

Charges for stops
(included in the price reported by the taximeter)
Every 15 seconds: € 0,10

Secondary charge routes
For every 66,6 meters: € 0,10
On the routes indicated below when crossed following points:
1. viale Miramare ang. S.ta Contovello
2. strada del Friuli crossing . Braidotti
3. via Bonomea – n. civico 215
4. begining Scala Santa
5. via dei Moreri crossing Sottomonte
6. v.lo delle Rose crossing via dei Mirti
7. via del Pratello crossing via Sara Davis
8. via Commerciale n.158
9. via Valerio crossing via Artemisio
10. via Damiano Chiesa crossing via Metlicovitz
11. strada per Longera crossing via Canciani (via Canciani excluded)
12. via Marchesetti crossing via Forlanini
13. Statale 202 crossing via Brigata Casale
14. via Brigata Casale remains excluded
15. via Flavia crossing via Brigata Casale
16. via Caboto crossing via Errera
17. Superstrada – Exit Zona Industriale OVEST

Routes to Cattinara Hospital
are excluded from the application of the secondary charge

Holidays: € 2,00
[from 6.00 to 22.00]

Night: € 2,00
[from 22.00 to6.00]

Luggage: € 0,80
For all objects bigger than 125cm (summing the tree dimensions)

Animals: € 0,80
All dogs should have a muzzle and a lead, except for the dogs that accompany blind persons; cats should be transported in cage

Harbor zones: € 2,40


Toll or ferry costs should be covered by the client

PINK TAXI 10% discount for single women
(from 22.00 to 6.00 for single women)

From the area of: Stazione Centrale, Rive, Passeggio S. Andrea, via Campi Elisi, via Svevo, via d’Alviano, via Doda, via Trissino, via dell’Istria (da via Trissino a Largo Pestalozzi), Largo Pestalozzi, via del Veltro, via del Destriero, viale Ippodromo, Piazzale De Gasperi, via Cumano (da Piazzale De Gasperi a via Scomparini), via Scomparini, via Revoltella (da via Scomparini a via Rossetti), via Rossetti, via Giulia, viale Sanzio, Piazzale Gioberti, via dello Scoglio, via Valerio (da via dello Scoglio a Piazzale Europa), Piazzale Europa compreso il complesso universitario, via Fabio Severo, Piazza Dalmazia, via Ghega, Stazione Centrale

To the following destinations:
1. Airport Ronch dei Legionari: € 58,00
2. Sistiana Gulf/The Castle of Duino (night and day): € 35,00
3. Cattinara Hospital: max € 12,00 or less according to the taximeter
4. From Cattinara Hospital: € 12,00 getting in a parked vehicle
5. Molo VII: € 12,00